Legler cookie statement

Welcome to our website! We are very happy to have you. To make your experience on our website as pleasant and positive as possible, we need to use cookies. You can read all about how cookies work on this page.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is saved on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The information contained in this text file is used for functional, commercial, or statistical purposes. We will explain the differences between these three things below. In addition to cookies, there are also other methods that we can use to save and read certain information on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. An example of this is local storage. It works more or less the same as a cookie. We will group the two concepts under “cookies” in this explanation to make it a little easier. To place cookies, we use some common techniques, such as JavaScript and tracking pixels.

Are cookies safe?

The use of cookies is completely safe and very common if you use the Internet a lot. A cookie never contains personal information, such as your name, phone number, or email address. For this reason, cookies can never be used to contact you directly through email or telemarketing campaigns. It is very important to us that you know exactly what type of cookies we place and which are used by third parties. You can read it all below.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies for several different purposes:

  • Functional cookies: to ensure that our website is easy to use and secure.
  • Analytical cookies: to analyze the use of our website.
  • Advertising cookies: to be able to place the appropriate ads.
  • Social media cookies: to ensure that you can share or save images and articles.

Below you can read exactly what cookies do in these categories. You can also find out which companies may place cookies on your computer, tablet, or phone when you visit our website, as we do not always do this ourselves. Sometimes we use the services of other companies and they place cookies. The company Google is a good example. Google offers us products that we can use to measure the number of visitors we have to our website and provides us with advertisements. To do this, they must place a cookie.

Where another company places a cookie, we will refer you via a link to your privacy statement or cookie statement. This way you can read for yourself what these companies are doing with the cookies they place.

Functional cookies

Cookies that ensure an optimal and safe user experience on our website.
Since our website does not offer the possibility to create an account, functional cookies are limited for you. However, we must use them to ensure that our website functions properly.

That’s what we use them for:

  • To check your browser settings, we can optimally display our website on your screen.
  • Detect misuse of our website and thereby prevent cyberattacks, among other things.
  • To ensure that the website does not use too many technical resources to make it available. We use a  Cloudflare service for this.
  • To determine your general location, we can ensure that the website is loaded from the correct server. We use a  Cloudflare service for this.

You do not need to allow the use of functional cookies and you cannot disable them yourself.

Analytical cookies

Cookies that ensure that we can optimize our website.
We want you to have a good time on our website. Since we cannot keep asking every visitor what is good or bad about our website, we are continuously optimizing our website based on the statistics we collect.

These statistics can relate to the following elements:

  • How long do you stay on our website?
  • What do you click on during your visit? How many articles have you read?
  • If we make a suggestion for another fun article, would you click on it? What device do you use to visit our website?
  • From what source or advertisement did you find our website?

And more generally :

  • How many people visit our website?
  • Can we optimize our website for our users?
  • In what order do users visit our articles?
  • Can our users easily find the elements (like the navigation menu) on our website?

We collect this type of statistical data using Google Analytics. To do this, Google Analytics places us with analytical cookies.

Advertising cookies

Cookies that allow us to show you relevant advertisements.
Maintaining our website and making sure new content goes up as it takes a lot of time and work. To fund all of this, we need revenue. This revenue is generated by the advertisements we serve on the pages you visit. We want these ads (and possibly these videos) to be as relevant to you as possible. To do this, our advertising partners place cookies for us.

Advertising cookies allow:

  • To make sure you don’t see the same ad too often.
  • Post ads that are specific to you.
  • Run specific contextual ads (for example an ad for a brand of mascara that accompanies an article about mascara).
  • Keep track of which ads you see the most.

ATTENTION: If you do not allow us to place advertising cookies, you will see advertisements on our website. However, they will not be personalized.

The following companies may place advertising cookies for us:

Social media cookies

Cookies that allow you to share the things you like with your friends

When you see something you like on our website, you can share it with your friends and family. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn make it possible to share this information by allowing us to place share buttons on our website. To ensure that these share buttons work properly, these social media platforms place a cookie so that they can recognize you whenever you want. To share an article or a photo.

These cookies allow:

  • You can directly share content from our website when you connect to selected social networks.

On our website we offer the possibility to share our content on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. You can find out more about the specific content of the cookies placed by these social media partners and the possible data they collect through them on their own websites. We have provided the links to your cookie statements below. Please note that the statements of these parties may change regularly.

Delete and/or disable cookies

You can choose not to accept cookies on our website and other websites.
Unfortunately, we cannot disable cookies for you; you have to do it yourself. Please note that we cannot guarantee that our website will work properly for you when you decide not to accept cookies. We want to help you on your way with the following links:


We do our best, but unfortunately, we can’t always control everything.

Although we try to maintain a full understanding of the type of cookies our website sets, it may still happen that third parties place cookies that are not included in this statement. It’s simply because of the way the internet and websites work. This may happen, for example, when we use embedded content in our articles; These are texts, social media posts, images, or videos that are saved by a third party but are displayed on or via our website. We do our best to try to maintain the list of cookies and the companies that update them. on this page, but it can still happen that a company that is not on this list places a cookie. If you find this happening,  contact form? We would be eternally grateful and, of course, will update the list as soon as possible. If you are looking for information about cookies placed by a third party, it would be best to contact the party in question directly. This statement may be subject to change without notice to our visitors. This is why we recommend that you visit this page regularly to find out if any changes have been made since your last visit.